Trohanis TA Projects honors the legacy of Pascal "Pat" Trohanis, who directed a series of national and state early childhood technical assistance centers and projects from 1971 until his death in 2007. For 45 years his projects and those that have followed have been based on the values and guiding principles that he established and that evolved from his leadership. These are our PDF: Guiding Principles for Effective Technical Assistance.

The first national TA center, TADS, assisted federally-funded HCEEP/EEPCD demonstration and outreach projects to develop, evaluate and disseminate models of serving children and their families. TADS evolved over its 16 years, refining and building upon the values, principles, and procedures of its model of technical assistance that still undergirds current projects. The national TA centers that followed, START and NEC*TAS, assisted states in developing and implementing interagency, coordinated systems of services. More recently, NECTAC, ECO, and now ECTA Center, have emphasized improving the outcomes of their early intervention and early childhood special education service systems. Two other national TA centers, DaSy and IDC, target improving the quality of data to improve outcomes for children. NC-ELN is providing statewide technical assistance with the NC preschool exceptional children's program.

Trohanis TA Projects Overview Poster
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